When to seek relationship counselling?

When to seek relationship counselling? Why do relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling can be beneficial at any stage during a relationship. Couples usually seek counselling when they are experiencing one or more of the following situations:

  • Feeling misunderstood or isolated in your relationship
  • Experiencing a communication breakdown
  • Keep arguing about sex or parenting
  • Struggling because of depression, anxiety, loss or bereavement
  • Facing financial pressure or problems at work
  • Lacking the passion, intimacy and drive that you experienced when you first met
  • Is your partner having an affair or are you suspecting betrayal
  • Need help preparing for marriage or civil partnership
  • Is your relationship in a crisis
  • Looking for help to manage a breakup (divorce counselling)
  • Experiencing concerns other than those listed here?

Did you identify with at least on of the statements? If you so, please contact me today to find out how I can help. I am happy to briefly discuss your concerns over the phone to see if what I offer can benefit you.


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