What people say

My work with clients gives me immense joy and it is a real privilege to work with the people who come to see me.

Here is what some clients have said about their experience of working with me:

  • “…This is my safe space where I am learning to listen to and accept myself and make changes to my life at my own pace whilst recovering from my eating disorder…” (Julie, West London)


  • “…Your therapy has greatly helped me to cope with the loss of my estranged partner. Thank you, Flavio…” (Angela, West London)


  • “…Last time I visited home, my mother couldn’t help notice how much more relaxed and less angry I am since I have been coming to see you…” (David, West London)


  • “…Your patience and guidance on how to sooth the anxious part of myself has greatly helped to reduce my anxiety. As a result I feel more confident in my relationship with my wife…” (Mike, East London)


  • “…In the very short time that we have worked together, your guiding voice has become my own and asking myself what you would think or say in a given situation is helping me to reflect and find the best way forward. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family…” (Paul, London)


  • “…Today I am leaving with a smile on my face and I will make sure that I hold onto it…” (Andrea, London)


  • “…Each time we come to the end of a session I get this feeling of coming home to myself..” (Keith, Essex)


  • “…Looking back we have achieved so much over the last two years. I have had therapy before but I never thought it would be possible to come this far in my journey of recovery from childhood sexual abuse. Thanks for your patience and perseverance.We have worked very well together…” (Elizabeth, London)


  • …”As a result of us working together a burden has finally been lifted from my shoulders. I feel empowered to be myself and be honest with people without fearing being disliked… (Lucy, East London)


  • “…It has been very helpful working with you again. I shall not hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues.. ” (Andrew, London)