What is relationship counselling like?

If you have not had relationship counselling before then sitting in front of a stranger with your partner can feel very daunting. You may fear that the therapist may judge either of you or that they might side with your partner and gang up against you. Fear of exposure is also common. Your partner may be planning to reveal intimate details of your sex life or both of you might fear talking about it because you dread how the therapist will respond. Will they press for more details, pass judgement or avoid the topic? On the other hand you may be worrying that your partner will use therapy to end your relationship or that your relationship won’t survive the process. A very common (and understandable fear) if your relationship has been on the rocks for sometime.

Talking about the intimate aspects of you relationship with a third party can be terrifying but it is also a unique opportunity to voice your concerns constructively so that your other half has a chance to hear and understand you. Most couples feel relieved when they see a shift in the way in which they talk to each other. They feel reassured, less threatened, more hopeful and more confident about the future of their relationship. This helps to build a good base to explore the underlying issues and work towards a different way of being with each other.


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