How much does relationship counselling cost?

How much relationship counselling costs depends on a range of factors: location, experience of the relationship counsellor, the time of day you are seeing your therapist and whether sessions takes place during weekdays or at weekends. Many therapists will also take into account your financial circumstances: students, the unwaged, or part time often qualify for concessions. Therapists based in Central London are likely to charge more as rents and business costs are much more expensive compared to other parts of the capitals. As a client it might be difficult to have control over some of these factors. Choosing a less central location is an option and may save you money in the long term particularly if you are looking for long term couples counselling. Another choice you can make is to change your perspective. Think about the value of your property and the cost of refurbishing your home, adding a loft extension or having the garden re-designed. Would you see that as a cost or an investment? Most likely an investment as a modern home with an additional room and a well maintained garden will gain value over time. Now take your relationship. Learning what causes the argument between you, defuse your partner’s jealousy, outgrow betrayals and regain trust, will improve the quality of life. A bit like with your prised property, the increased quality adds value to your relationship.

At my practice fees are agreed on an individual basis. We can agree this before our first meeting. Please contact me to discuss.


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