How relationship counselling can help

Relationship counselling can be beneficial at any stage in a relationship. As you might be aware, relationships are fluid and go through different phases. These can include preparation for marriage or civil partnership, loss, bereavement, pregnancy and birth, and sometimes break up or divorce

How relationship counselling can help is by offering a confidential, uninterrupted, safe space. The role of the therapist is to hold this space whilst being neutral, non judgemental and attentive to the needs of your relationship. This will help you feel more confident about opening up to the therapist, who will work with you to highlight and ultimately change problematic patterns. As patterns are addressed, it becomes possible to resolve conflict, facilitate change and foster growth. My approach to relationship counselling is based on Psychosynthesis. It is an open model incorporating a range of theories and techniques and hence can be applied to a range of issues. These include but are not limited to:

  • communication problems
  • lack of intimacy, sexual problems and fertility problems
  • jealousy, adultery, betrayals and affairs
  • inequality
  • power struggle, recurring arguments and destructive behaviours/ patterns
  • feeling stuck and bored in the relationship
  • unmet needs
  • loss of direction in the relationship
  • parenting issues
  • unequal sharing of responsibility
  • lack of stability
  • problems with members of the extended family
  • anxiety & depression affecting either one or both partners
  • addressing concerns before committing to a civil partnership or marriage
  • work related stress
  • grief and bereavement
  • find the best possible way to split up


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