Couples Counselling Shepherd’s Bush

Tired of spending evenings and weekends arguing with your partner?

Can’t figure out what happened to the intimacy you used to enjoy?

Lacking passion or direction in your relationship?

Can’t cope with your partner’s betrayal?

Is time to go separate ways?

Need help managing relationship break up?

As a relationship and couples counsellor I offer a warm, empathic and supportive environment. Here you can both air your concerns, vent difficult feelings, clarify your misunderstanding and find a way forward that is best for you. I will not judge or take sites and I will not persuade you to stay together or split up. Coming for couples counselling is an opportunity for you to gain clarity, feel included, identify unhelpful patterns and change them. I aim to reduce conflict, facilitate growth and improve communication so that you can find more positive ways of relating. I see conflict and disagreements as an opportunity to learn how to be more authentic and grow stronger. For some couples this might mean deepening and nurturing their relationships whilst for others it might mean to acknowledge the many differences and accept that their relationship has come to an end.

I have created a FAQ list to help you understand what happens in relationship counselling, what it involves, how it can help and how much it might cost. You can find answers to these questions by clicking on the links or by going directly to my list of FAQ.

My practice is just over a five minutes walk away from Central Line & Hammersmith & City Line stations. Westfield,, White City Place, BBC Worldwide and BBC Media Village are all a short walk away.

Contact me today to make an appointment and start working on the issues affecting your relationship.


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